Author: Marc Leroy

Halloween shoot.

On the 3rd of November I went on a Halloween shoot with a bunch of togs and models. I was very grateful to Sharlene, who as always organised the event. It was held at a park in Bryanston with great big pine trees.

Wild West Photoshoot @ Diamond X Ranch, Cullinan

Just finished first round of image sorting from the Wild West photoshoot at Cullinan Diamond X Ranch. Many thanks go to the ranch for accommodating the photographers and to Sharlene who organised the whole event. I found shooting with models and getting great images, really depends on whether you click or not. I photographed 4 […]

Added a small update to my website. Four new galleries. My galleries will change over time as I take images out and add new ones to keep things fresh.

A new begining

As a photographer new to website development, this is a new experience. My website will evolve as I learn new ways of doing things and get a feel for what I like and don’t like. If you like what you see or have suggestions, feel free to drop me a mail.